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Party Bus Services

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Party Bus Services


State of the Art technology allows us to create the perfect soundscape for any event. Chill beats for nights out with the gang. Your favorite tracks for birthday parties. Perfect low frequencies for any dance party. Combined with our lighting system we generate a night like none other.


Relax in spacious comfort. Luxury leather seating, ample seating space and wide-open flooring. These are the things that set us apart from other companies. Our dedication to luxury as a brand is exemplified in the materials and plans used to build our vehicles.


Time after time the events we help create are fondly remembered. Pictures of our busses are spread throughout thousands of social media instances. This is because when Party Bus Express shows up, the party never stops.



Experience a night like none other. Let the sound and vibrations of music and soul course through you. Envision the memories, the good times and the feeling of pure bliss. This is what we offer. You bring the life, we bring the party. Let Party Bus Express create that one time that everyone talks about.